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When you campaign a minimalist, blazing fast race car in a race that traditionally subjects its entrants to every possible weather- and road-condition imaginable, the media takes notice.

In 2000, the Dellis-Martin team braved hail storms, freezing rain, and a multitude of other unforeseen disasters without the benefits of a roof, heater, defroster, mufflers, and windshield wipers, just to name a few.

It was insane to even attempt such an event without those basic necessities, but Mr. Beck felt incorporating those modifications would detract from the car’s original race-bred design concept.MS6E4165


Car & Driver Magazine ran a three-page report on the team’s effort, and several other publications took notice as well.

In 2002, the team of Dellis-Dupuy put the Lister on the podium scoring an incredible 3rd place overall finish in the Car & Driver SuperTuner Challenge. Car & Driver Magazine and TNN provided coverage of that event.

In 2011, Dellis made another attempt, but a co-driver illness prevented a successful result.


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