Racing Success for Lister Jags and Lister Corvettes in the late-’50s is well documented…

Today, Listers are experiencing a resurgence in vintage racing.

Lister Motor Cars in the U.K. recently announced a new line of continuation cars built using the same frame jigs and body bucks as the originals.

Whereas these original and continuation cars from England are literally works of art proudly built by the world’s best craftsmen, the various tribute cars that were built during that gap in production runs the gamut and likely inspired the reproduction.

Americans always favor a more raw, muscular approach.

This beautiful combination of European chassis finesse, elegantly slippery body design, and brutally raw American horsepower-and-torque results in a truly mind-boggling, 3-lbs/hp roadster experience (at max effort) that simply must be felt.

So, while American tribute cars are still based on this relatively delicate original design, they make up for their relative lack of refinement with insane horsepower and torque…a trade-off Americans embrace with equal pride.

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