The Lister #007 is always under development.

Chuck Beck was in his late-teens/early-20’s when early Lister Corvettes raced.  So, with passion he was easily able to closely reproduce the original concept but using modern, easy-to-obtain production parts and components…albeit not using the same priorities, either.  Chuck Beck was always a racer at heart, so the no-compromises development on his #007 was laser-focused solely on one element:  going faster.

The Lister #007 Lightweight delves further into the retro-modern concept by incorporating high-tech racing components into its design.

If you take a pure-bred race car, and lean it just enough towards the Grand Touring concept to make it livable for a cross-country event like the Cannonball One Lap of America, that’s how #007 evolved into what it is today.

It has evolved masterfully into a winning car on almost any track while staying relatively close to Brian Lister’s original vision.

At 1950-lbs and 650 HP, Fastest Times of Day are a regular occurrence with #007.

Through the help of carefully selected sponsors, #007 has become a
Rolling Showcase of RAW  Racing Rechnology.


Fully Adjustable Coil-Over Race Suspension & Underbelly Pans