#007 Sponsors read like a Who’s Who among Motorsports Suppliers.

#007’s 13+ years of media coverage puts it in a position to choose team partners.
From its initial stripped down “roller” status (below left) to where it is today, the brutal level of neck-snapping refinement would not have been possible without the assistance and guidance of these suppliers.

DonovanLogo  Donovan Engineering supplies the HC400 aluminum racing engine block, and peace-of-mind that comes from the single-idler gear drive.

ScatSponsorLogoCrankshaft and Connecting Rods are Scat Crankshaft products.

IskySponsorLogo  Isky Cams provides the valvetrain timing and reliability.

AFRSponsorLogo  Air Flow Research is responsible for breathing to 8900 rpm.



SCP Dry Sump Pumps provides the 3-stage dry sump pump.


PfaffSponsorLogo Engine Machining, Balancing, Blueprinting, and Dyno Testing is performed at Pfaff Engines

SpiralTurboSponsorLogo  Exhaust is a 1-7/8″-to-4″ custom ceramic coated header system that flows through Spiral Turbo Baffles‘ custom 4″ set.

McleodSponsorLogo  8″ MagForce Clutch, Flywheel, and High-Torque Starter are McLeod Racing components.

SDSSponsorLogo  Crank-fired distributor-based Engine Management is provided by SDS Digital Systems.

TWMBorlaSponsorLogo  Throttle Bodies were designed by Garry Pollard at TWM/Borla.

MoonSponsorLogoCrossram Intake Manifold is an original Moon unit modified to accept the 50-mm throttle bodies.

PersonaGripSponsorLogo  Steering Wheel and Shifter by PersonaGrip’s Steering Wheel Guy, Ed Dellis.

Seats are custom-built by Space-X’s Rocketship Seat and Suit Designer: Andy Harrison.

If you would like to be a part of #007’s Team, please contact Ed Dellis here.