Lister Corvette at HB Park Hood Up, Doors Open
Lister Side Shot at Cars & Coffee
Lister Corvette #007 on Banks at Daytona in the 2011 One Lap of America
Lister Corvette Knobbly #007


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#007 shown above was Chuck Beck’s personal racecar.  Sitting 2″ lower, it was the only 2-layer lightweight Gen1 car produced during the 25-car run at Mr. Beck’s facility in Hesperia, CA.  His normal production cars used between 3-4 layers in the layup, and all had fully hinged doors/trunks in addition to the traditional coachwork.

Nearly all Gen2 cars were built at Avanti Motors in Georgia.  Most of these later designs had wider bodies, higher-mounted windshields, and could accommodate larger drivers…nearly all came with black frames whereas Beck’s Gen1s had gray powercoat.

Serial #035 was Chuck Beck’s only Gen2 lightweight before production ceased and doors were closed at Avanti.  It is believed that approximately a dozen Avanti Listers were produced in various states from turn-keys to rollers.

Both designs used the Corvette C4 suspension, and had either Dana 36 or Dana 44 chunks in the independent rear suspensions.

To handle the additional torque of the modern small-block Chevy powerplants, Beck increased frame diameter to 4″…original frames were 3″.



Beck’s cars used a fiberglass composite body that was bonded to the frame for additional rigidity.  This semi monocoque construction method was well proven in aircraft, and allowed for minimal weight.  All Beck Listers were semi monocoque.

A notable C5-based Lister-Vendetta was built by Bob Santoro for Mike Mullin in Costa Mesa.  It had electric power steering, and featured an LS motor.  Dellis was consulted throughout the build, and he did the test driving at Willow Springs at the body-in-white stage. Compared to the original, its frame was heavily reinforced, and the bodywork was beautifully flared.

Today’s Lucra 470 is a state-of-the-art version featuring a level of refinement never seen before.  Although the bodywork deviates more from that of the original Listers, it’s apparent where this sportscar’s true roots lie.